Connecting Marketing and Patients, While Eliminating Access Issues.

Eliminate Response Time | Create Better Rapport | Create More Revenue | Eliminate Access Issues

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Eliminate access issues Build better rapport Connect Marketing

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Eliminate access issues Build better rapport Advertising

Small Business

Streamline Marketing Create Better Relationship Advertising


Create a Better Relationship

With Lead Web, your patients will never feel like just another name in your database. Lead Web allows your patients to text back and forth.

Reduce No Shows

Send on-demand text messages right from your phone to notify prospects on your list of available openings when the schedule falls apart. Your patients will enjoy the convenience and appreciate that you make an effort to give them the exact appointment time they want.

​​​​​​​Eliminate Response Time

Time is of the essence when a lead comes in from marketing. With Lead Web, you can Call, Email or Text a lead as it comes in real-time and set the appointment with a click of a button!

Massively Increase Revenue

In conjunction with Lead Web, We also have a team of Marketing Experts to generate those high quality leads to your business. This combined with Lead Web is a killer combination to scale or give a massive boost to a new business.

A big problem we have seen in overall industries is access. Access to Doctors, access to salespeople and so on. With Lead Web, when a lead comes in, our smart Artificial Intelligence will try and set the appointment for you. Even with all of those other items on your calendar. This does two things, it gives the client the flexibility to schedule the appointment and it also fits in with the Doctor, Salesperson or anyone else they are meeting with their schedule. They will then get a personalized confirmation text with the address and or time they will be going to or receiving a call from someone.

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