Small Business

Streamline Marketing | Create a Better Relationship | Advertising

Eliminate access issues

With there being no way to see if you received a lead through Facebook, LeadWeb will instantly send the leads to any device and send you to push notifications when the lead comes in to notify you.

Build better rapport

With Lead Web, your patients will never feel like just another name in your database. Lead Web allows your patients to text back and forth. By using a dedicated number, a 2-Way SMS user can send and receive SMS through a web messaging platform by using complete solutions


We will be able to run highly targeted ads to potential patients giving your business the leads to grow your business. With the ever-changing rules and regulations, you’ll need us to navigate through the “Web” of regulations that change. So if you’re a Realtor, HVAC, Pest Control, Solar Company, Dentist, Chiropractor or any other small business that deals with Leads. Give us a shout and lets set up a Demo!

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